Posted May 13 2024 16:00 UTC | Poll ID 1107

Ratification Poll for MIP Amendment Subproposal (MIP102c2-SP29) - May 13, 2024

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The Governance Facilitators have placed a ratification poll into the voting system as part of the responsibilities defined in MIP51. This Governance Poll will be active for fourteen days beginning on Monday, May 13 at 16:00 UTC.

This is a binary vote.

  • You may vote for a single option.
  • You should vote for the option which you prefer.
  • If you would accept either option, you should vote 'Abstain'.


The community may vote in this poll to express support or opposition to MIP102c2-SP29 being accepted and implemented in the Maker Protocol.

A brief summary of this proposal has been provided by the MIP Author and is shown below:

This subproposal aims to clarify for MKR holders their portion of SubDAO tokens, 25%, and the vesting schedule through which they will receive them. No specific technical implementation is prescribed, allowing flexibility in implementation details.

MKR holders fund the development of the initial product a SubDAO manages, MKR holders allocate funds or governance powers to the SubDAO, and MKR holders deserve a stake in SubDAOs after bearing that risk and outlay of resources.

Simultaneously, the MKR holder vesting schedule is more conservative than the farming emissions schedule, preventing immediate selling by existing MKR holders relative to farmers. The net effect is a marginally slower rate of SuDAO token inflation, because MKR holder vesting pushes some emissions further into the future in an effort to give MKR holders longer-term incentives. This also preserves the original intent for farming rewards to dominate emissions early in the SubDAO’s history, since they follow a halving-style emissions schedule.

Please review the links below to inform your position on this proposal before voting.


This poll implements a Minimum Positive Participation value. The Minimum Positive Participation is currently set to 10,000 MKR.

If the votes for the 'Yes' option exceed the votes for the 'No' option AND the votes for the 'Yes' option exceed 10,000 MKR, then the following actions will be taken:

  • The Governance Facilitators will confirm its passage by marking the proposal Accepted on the MIPs portal and across all other relevant governance mediums.
  • Any further work required to implement the proposal will be tasked to the relevant Ecosystem Actors.

Otherwise, this proposal will be marked as rejected per MIP51.


MIP51: Monthly Governance Cycle describes this type of poll and its position and significance within the rest of the governance cycle.

If you are new to voting in the Maker Protocol, please see the voting guide to learn how voting works.

Additional information about the Governance process can be found in the Maker Operational Manual.

To add current and upcoming votes to your calendar, please see the MakerDAO Governance Calendar.

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