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Maker Governance

Join a decentralized community protecting the integrity of the Maker Protocol through research, discussion, and on-chain voting.

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Intro to GovernanceA guide outlining the basics of getting started with Maker Governance.
Maker ForumGet the latest updates and take part in current governance discussions.
Community ToolsUse tools from the community to stay informed on the state of the system.

Executive Votes

Executive Votes are conducted to make changes to the protocol. The governing proposal represents the current state of the system.
Budget transfers for StarkNet Engineering, TechOps, and Oracles. Budget streams for Sustainable Ecosystem Scaling, StarkNet Engineering, TechOps, Strategic Finance, Development, and UX. Revoking Content Production budget, changing Real World Finance Multisig and streams. MKR vesting streams for Strategic Finance.

Polling Votes

Polls take place to establish a rough consensus of community sentiment before Executive Votes are conducted.

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