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posted Dec 02 2022

Compound D3M Onboarding, Activating Stablecoin Liquidations, Oracle Feed Whitelisting, Starknet Relay Upgrade, and MKR Vesting - December 2, 2022

Onboards the Compound Dai Direct Deposit Module, activates Liquidations 2.0 for GUSD, USDC, and USDP vaults, whitelists rETH oracle, updates Starknet Fee Relay, and transfers MKR vesting for DUX-001.

Governing Proposal


MKR Supporting

Passed on Dec 04 2022 10:37 UTC. Available for execution on Dec 06 2022 14:00 UTC.

Governance Stats

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MKR on Hat
79,131 MKR
Active Polls
Recognized Delegates
Shadow Delegates
MKR Delegated
MKR in Chief
184,026 MKR

Governance Stats

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MKR on Hat79,131 MKR
Active Polls0
Recognized Delegates
Shadow Delegates
MKR Delegated
MKR in Chief184,026 MKR

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Posted Nov 28 2022 16:00 UTC | Poll ID 914

DAI Savings Rate Adjustment - November 28, 2022

Rank your preferred options for the DAI Savings Rate within a range of 0.01% to 1%.

High Impact
Dai Savings Rate
MakerDAO Open Market Committee
Poll ended
Ranked-choice poll
High Impact
Risk Parameter
MakerDAO Open Market Committee
DAI Direct Deposit Module
Peg Stability Module
Poll ended
Plurality poll

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Vote delegation allows for MKR holders to delegate their voting power to delegates, which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the governance process.

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01Understand off-chain governance
02Understand on-chain governance
03Set up your voting wallet
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Understandoff-chain governance

Off-chain governance refers to processes for making decisions that don't require on-chain voting and gathering feedback prior to on-chain voting. Off-chain governance happens on the Maker Governance Forum, where the community meets to propose and discuss new proposals. Anyone can participate in off-chain governance.
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Participate in or start new discussions related to the governance of MakerDAO and the Maker protocol.

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Documentation on the Maker protocol & MakerDAO processes, written for MKR holders that actively participate in governance.

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Technical documentation about the MakerDAO protocol, covering all its mechanisms, smart contracts and more.

MakerDAO GitHub

GitHub organization with many repositories relevant to MakerDAO and goverance, including the community repo and the codebase for this site.

API Docs

Automatically generated API documentation for the Governance Portal API, used to query MakerDAO governance data.

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