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Disable Starknet Dai Bridge, Aligned Delegate Compensation for May 2024, AVC Member Participation Rewards for Q2 2024, Launch Project Funding, Spark Proxy Spell, USDP Jar Housekeeping - June 13, 2024

Disable the Starknet Dai Bridge, distribute Aligned Delegate compensation for May 2024, distribute AVC Member compensation for Q2 2024, transfer funding to the Launch Project, trigger a Spark Proxy spell, and perform housekeeping actions on the USDP Jar.


MKR Supporting

Passed on Jun 14 2024 14:01 UTC. Executed on Jun 17 2024 14:00 UTC.

Custom Spell Voting

It is also possible to vote on a custom spell address—only use this in case of emergencies!

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