Maker Teleport Temporary Shutdown, DAI Transfers, Starknet Contract Deauthorizations - February 3, 2023

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The Governance Facilitator(s) and the Starknet Engineering and Protocol Engineering Core Units have placed an executive proposal into the voting system. MKR Holders should vote for this proposal if they support the following alterations to the Maker Protocol.

If you are new to voting in the Maker Protocol, please see the voting guide to learn how voting works.

Executive Summary

If this executive proposal passes, the following changes will occur within the Maker Protocol:

  • The L2 side of the Teleport bridge on Optimism, Arbitrum, and Starknet will be temporarily shut down, as detailed below.
  • 138,894 DAI will be transferred to the Tech-Ops Core Unit, as detailed below.
  • A total of 146,559 DAI will be transferred to twelve recipients as part of the offboarding of the Governance Communications Core Unit, itemized below.
  • 209,000 DAI will be transferred to fund a Special Purpose Fund posted by the Strategic Finance Core Unit, as detailed below.
  • The old Starknet bridge and governance relays will be deauthorized, as detailed below.

Voting for this executive proposal will place your MKR in support of the changes and additions outlined above.

Unless otherwise noted, the changes and additions listed above are subject to the GSM Pause Delay. This means that if this executive proposal passes, the changes and additions listed above will only become active in the Maker Protocol after the GSM Pause Delay has expired. The GSM Pause Delay is currently set to 48 hours.

If this executive proposal does not pass within 30 days, then it will expire and can no longer have any effect on the Maker Protocol.

Proposal Details

Maker Teleport Temporary Shutdown

As per this forum post from Facilitator @Derek, the Protocol Engineering Core Unit is planning to redeploy the Teleport L2 Gateways due to the identification of a minor issue. To facilitate this, the L2 side of the Teleport bridges will be temporarily shut down to protect users if this executive proposal passes.

Specifically, ETH-MAIN-A will be removed from the validDomains mapping of authorized destination domains in the L2DaiTeleportGateway contract for each of the three supported L2 domains (Optimism, Arbitrum, and Starknet). This action will be implemented by calling the L1GovernanceRelay contract of each domain in order to execute a special-purpose L2 spell (executed by the L2GovernanceRelay of the domain) that will take care of calling the file function of the corresponding L2DaiTeleportGateway.

Below are the relevant deployed contract addresses:

Domain L1GovernanceRelay L2GovernanceRelay L2DaiTeleportGateway
Optimism 0x09B354CDA89203BB7B3131CC728dFa06ab09Ae2F 0x10E6593CDda8c58a1d0f14C5164B376352a55f2F 0x18d2CF2296c5b29343755E6B7e37679818913f88
Arbitrum 0x9ba25c289e351779E0D481Ba37489317c34A899d 0x10E6593CDda8c58a1d0f14C5164B376352a55f2F 0x5dBaf6F2bEDebd414F8d78d13499222347e59D5E
Starknet 0x2385C60D2756Ed8CA001817fC37FDa216d7466c0 0x05f4d9b039f82e9a90125fb119ace0531f4936ff2a9a54a8598d49a4cd4bd6db 0x05b20d8c7b85456c07bdb8eaaeab52a6bf3770a586af6da8d3f5071ef0dcf234

Tech-Ops Core Unit DAI Transfer

As per their recent successful MIP14c2-SP1 subproposal, 138,894 DAI will be transferred to the Tech-Ops Core Unit (TECH-001) Auditor Wallet at 0x2dC0420A736D1F40893B9481D8968E4D7424bC0B, if this executive proposal passes.

Governance Communications Core Unit Offboarding Payments

As per the recent successful MIP39c3-SP7 subproposal, a total of 146,559 DAI will be distributed to the offboarding Governance Communications Core Unit (COM-001), as itemized below, if this executive proposal passes.

SPF Funding

As per their successful [MIP55c3-SP12] subproposal, 209,000 DAI will be transferred to 0x4Af6f22d454581bF31B2473Ebe25F5C6F55E028D if this executive proposal passes.

This Special Purpose Fund is intended to support Commercial and Legal Domain Work to support the expanded mandate for Real World Assets for the Strategic Finance (SF-001) Core Unit.

Starknet Contract Deauthorizations

As per this forum post from StarkNet Engineering Core Unit Facilitator @pyramidmaker, the old Starknet Bridge and Governance Relay contracts will be deauthorized if this executive proposal passes.

The new versions of these contracts have already been deployed in a previous executive spell.


Community debate on these topics can be found on the MakerDAO Governance forum. Please review any linked threads to inform your position before voting.

Additionally, these changes may have been discussed further in recent Governance calls. Video for these calls is available to review.


Additional information about the Governance process can be found in the Maker Operational Manual section of the MakerDAO community portal.

To participate in future Governance calls, please join us every Thursday at 17:00 UTC.

To add current and upcoming votes to your calendar, please see the MakerDAO Public Events Calendar.



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